Bauxite Battlefields – A Video Story of the Dongria Kondh tribe versus Vedanta battle by Survival International is an NGO which works for tribal peoples’ rights in three complementary ways: education, advocacy and campaigns. They also offer tribal people a platform to address the world. As part of this campaign, they have come out with an 11 minute movie on the impending assault on the Niyamgiri bauxite reserves and it’s people, the Dongria Kondh tribe, by the infamous Vedanta Resources.

Featured below is an absolutely brilliant 11 minute documentary which brings out the crux of the issue.

This video needs to be viewed in relation to our post entitled ‘How Iron Mines led to Land Mines’.


4 Responses to “Bauxite Battlefields – A Video Story of the Dongria Kondh tribe versus Vedanta battle by Survival International”

  1. Long live the Niyamgiri Mountains.

    Incredible video. Just pray to God that my fellow country men are not displaced from the land where they have been living since ages on the name of development.

    best regards

    Abhishek Varma

  2. Hello Mr Abhishek,

    we totally share your sentiments.
    Do write about this to spread the word.

    The ISM Team.

  3. absolutely superbly made, will put it up on my facebook and spread the word further. When will our government wake up to the calls of these hill people, did they not say it clearly, they do not want roads to the hill top and that’s because they feel no need for it, it is the vested interests of a few who are hell bent on destroying the lives of these lovely people. Please carry on doing a great job and we are by your side !!!!
    The biggest shame is that in the next few years, characters from your film will either be dead, killed as suspected Naxal terrorists or thrown into a jail while the likes of Vedanta will be milking themselves away to glory !!!

  4. Thanks for your support.

    @rajat – you and your friends can follow Survival on Facebook too at:

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