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Left Wing Extremism – Hijacked by the petty politics of vengeance

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In any insurgency, there is a core group of believers – those who believe in what they are doing – who form a minority. The majority of insurgents are those who have joined ranks for reasons other than the root cause. These could be to avoid police persecution, to avoid persecution by Left Wing Extremists (LWEs), out of a misplaced sense of adventure, to seek revenge against some injustice committed, to spite lovers and parents (yes, this was a common cause in J&K) or even to earn some form of respectability just as a young man would seek to join the armed forces for the glamour and uniform.

The youth, having joined the insurgents,  often use this apparently enhanced status and power to Continue reading


A Video Lesson on How to Create Left Wing Extremists

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This six minute three second long video demonstrates police action against the anti-Posco demonstrators. In a previous post we had dwelt upon the feudal nature of policing, albeit in the context of the CRPF. The state police are no different. The video amply demonstrates it.

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CRPF: A force in denial

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CRPF in action in J&K

The CRPF is in news for all the wrong reasons – and with reason too. Firstly they have lost 26 soldiers to Left Wing Extremists (LWEs). Secondly they have, along with the J&K police, botched up the situation in Kashmir valley. Thirdly they are doing the same in West Bengal.  

 So why is the CRPF being unable to get their act together? Continue reading

Where are the Water Cannons?

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J&K police and paramilitary forces face a dilemma. Whether to prepare and equip themselves for counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism, OR whether to prepare themselves for law and order issues.

Stone pelting, now developed as a fine art by the youth in Srinagar, is often responded to with tear-gas and rubber bullets and even actual bullets. These weapons in the hands of a jittery police force (after all the police are also entitled to emotions and frustration) are causing the damage.

Kashmiris are traditionally shy of water. No offence intended – it is probably a function of the weather and the lack of hot water. Water cannons need to be used to control crowds and disperse stone throwers. Adequate non-lethal riot control weapons and equipment is available in the open market to do away with the need to fire live rounds at the crowd. That apart, Mr Omar Abdullah needs to engage these rowdies to ensure that they are taken to task and do not hold the city to hostage time and again.